Elyse is deeply committed to supporting the individual on his/her own unique healing path of self-inquiry and listening, as well as facilitating group learning and collaboration.  Elyse offers a variety of classes in the community, and is happy to speak for private groups or events

Central Oregon Community College, Continuing Education:

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Fall 2018


This unique 3 class series is packed with in-depth knowledge and information about the powerful healing properties of essential oils, as well as the principles of healing that create effective healing treatments on physical, emotional, and energetic levels.  Learn how essential oils are uniquely suited to profoundly shift our physiology from the gross molecular level up to our subtle energy fields. Students will gain tools for personal healing, as well as tools and skills to assist the healing experience of others. Both cutting-edge research and ancient healing techniques will be highlighted to fully integrate theory and practice that will change the way you understand yourself and essential oils.

First 3 Thursdays in October, 6-9 pm

LEVEL 1: Physical Healing, Thurs. October 4, 5:30-8:30pm

Learn the physiological effects of essential oils on the human body as well as proper use and application of essential oils. Discuss why essential oils are produced in plants, what they do, and how they are uniquely suited to effect our biology and our physiology. Students will explore three of the most effective essential oils for physical healing.

LEVEL 2: Emotional Healing, Thurs. October 11, 5:30-8:30pm

Explore how essential oils are uniquely positioned to create profound emotional awareness and release. Discuss the anatomy of emotions and the role they play in our conscious and unconscious perception. Learn traditional use of chakra emotional maps as well as techniques in breathing and application. Students will explore three of the most effective essential oils for emotional change.

LEVEL 3: Energetic Healing, Thurs. October 18, 5:30-8:30pm

Deepen your connection to self by understanding the body’s internal and external energy systems. Learn about the 7 chakra wheels and 4 predominant external energy fields of the human body. Students will explore three of the most effective essential oils for spiritual expansion, energy field awareness and personal empowerment.

Essential Oils Series Price: $ 149

Essential Oils Individual Class Price: $59



Learn the amazing, effective art and science of reflexology. This intensive weekend will be equally powerful for body workers looking to expand their technique, as well as the individual with no background at all. Reflexology is an ancient technique backed by modern science that activates the healing powers of the body through stimulation of points on the hands and feet. These points correlate to every gland, organ and part of the body both small and large to initiate healing change. This class is designed for students to emerge confident in their knowledge and ability to tap into their own power. Individuals as well as couples are encouraged to learn techniques for self as well as others.

Weekend Workshop:


8 hour CEUs available for therapists

Workshop price: $199